In the first stage of the 21st century, countries like Mexico and Canada continue opening their cannabis´s legal framework, and recently execute improvements to their laws and regulations.

Consequently, over time more and more cannabis products are available, it is clear that, patent protection is growing. Therefore, it is a good moment to show some valuable data about Cannabis (marihuana, mariguana or marijuana) and patents in Mexico and around the World.

Dynamic Analysis of patent

In the last 10 years, more than four thousand cannabis patent applications have been filed worldwide*

Additionally, more than 40% of these patents were filed in the last three years.

In the top 5 offices with more patent filing are China, United States, the European Patent Office, Australia and India, which show where these inventions come from.

Overiew of Patent filling activity in the world

It is not a big surprise that medical preparations are the star technology area with more patent applications. In second place, we can find new chemical compounds, their processes and preparation. In third place is food and foodstuffs; field where many entrepreneurs are looking to connect and develop. However, this scope still has to work with many constraints in different countries in order to commercialize and produce these developments.

It will be interesting to analyze each subject with more detail in order to know how exactly cannabis inventions are working.

Principal Technology Areas of Patent Protection
Principal Companies

The main patent applicants are companies from Pharma Industry. The remain are applicants with less than 15 patents each, most of them with only 1 or 2 patent applications.

What about Mexico?

Mexico is moving to a new cannabis regulation and it is expected that soon will be approved the new law. In November 2018, a law initiative that intends to regulate the scientific, commercial, and personal use of marijuana (or cannabis) was introduced in The Senate Chamber.

But is Mexico ready for this commercial race? and how it is moving the patent protection to new inventions and developments around cannabis?

The patent filing is still advancing slowly. However, its numbers are expected to increase each year.

Dynamic Analysis of Patent

Pharma sector has the most patent applications in Mexico. Medical preparations and processes and chemical compounds are the main fields of cannabis patent in Mexico.

Principal Companies

But in many other areas that have opportunities for growth, like food, foodstuffs, drinks, or beverages, among others — the growth rate is slow

Nevertheless, we can find patent applications at the IMPI (Industrial Property Mexican Institute) in other fields rather than just pharmacology, such as new oil cannabis compositions, inventions of microcapsules with cannabis, gummies with THC and bee food based with THC and/or CBD.

It is a fact that the legal framework and market in Mexico are opening and only the well-positioned companies would take advantage. This means that they have to work on their intellectual Property rights as Patents, Trade Marks or New Varieties of Plants between other IP figures.

*The analysis does not include diagnostic use or test detection of marijuana and hemp developments.


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