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We are the perfect professional team for the inventor, entrepreneur or businessman, who are interested in reducing risks when starting a project with innovative potential and, from early stages, giving better direction to it, protecting you inventions at the proper time.

what we do?
Our Services

What we do?


Producing and drafting quality utility patents, utility models (where applicable), designs and plant varieties applications.


Filing and obtaining patents in Mexico and abroad through our network of associates.

Prior Art

Prior art search in distinct technical fields: reducing risks by making sure what is out there.

Freedom to Operate

Identifying any obstacles for commercializing a patented technology.

IP Portfolio

Providing strategies based on intangible assets and market objectives.

Technology Monitoring and Technology Foresight

Identifying technology progress in areas that concern you.

Patent Landscape

Snapshot regarding Patent data.

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We focus on you and your goals, as well as the level of progress you have in order to offer you a customized service. We also have several options that can help you to keep moving forward and protect your invention.

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Proteger Apps

Digital Geek

Design protection for Graphical User Interfaces (GUI´s).

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Keep an eye on

Analysis of Competitive Intelligence, technology monitoring, including graphic information (PatentLandscape), so that you can identify your competitors and trends, and minimize risks.

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freedom to operate

Freedom to Operate:
Being a steap ahead?

Research and analysis to determinate if any technology is protected in a certain region or country, so you can manufacture, use and commercialize it without infringing third party rights.

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We determine if your invention is worth patenting and what is the best way to do it.

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Diagnóstico de patente


We perform a general overview exclusively on patents, related to your development, always in a friendly language, with flexible interaction with inventors or entrepreneurs. This includes a list of the most relevant patent documents in the last 10 years.

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About Us

Ariapatent  is a young multidisciplinary team, eager to help you to protect your development. We have more than 10 years of experience in the management of IP and technology.

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As experts we generate knowledge and we like to share it. Get to know our most recent blog posts where you will find news of interest on patent and development and innovation.

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Marijuana and Patents

In the first stage of the 21st century, countries like Mexico and Canada continue opening their cannabis´s legal framework, and recently execute improvements to their laws and regulations. Consequently, over time more and more [...]

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